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Jake and Lily


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Jake and Lily

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Jake and Lily are twins. Despite their slightly different interests and temperaments, they feel exactly the same—like two halves of one person. But the year they turn eleven, everything changes. Their parents announce it’s time for separate bedrooms. Jake starts hanging out with a pack of boys on the block. And Lily is devastated, not to mention angry. Who is she without Jake? And as her brother falls under the influence of the neighborhood bully, he also must ask himself—who is the real Jake?

This is an often funny, poignant, and profound story of growing up, growing apart, and the difficult process of figuring out who you really are.


Comment from: Anysia [Visitor]

Out of all the Mcba books I’ve read so far , I liked this one the best! It’s a very enjoyable book for those who could relate to it , or even can’t . I like how the author put it into two people that are very close to each others point of view.

10/28/13 @ 17:53
Comment from: Nana Quanin [Visitor]
Nana Quanin

well, the book I am currently reading is so fascinating! Here is a quick summery about the book. there lives a boy and a girl who are twins. But they are not just any twins, they can feel what the other twin is feeling at the same time it is happening. Also, they can here what each other is thinking too. I have not come to an end with this book yet. However, I am really eager and determined to finish it because I would love to know if Jake and lily discover who they really are and find out how they are different. Therefore that is my blog.

02/26/14 @ 20:50
Comment from: pedro [Visitor]

I like the book because its about a girl and a boy that are siblings.and they separate from each other and they can talk without face to face.they can do it in there heads.so I really like this book it really reminds of my brother a little bit and its a really nice story.and Jake helps out a bully in town so ya I like it.its a really good book I would love to read more of the authors books.

02/27/14 @ 20:30
Comment from: arelys [Visitor]

I don’t really like Jake and Lily. When I was reading it, in the beginning, I really liked it, but then when I was going deeper into the book I didn’t like it anymore . Jake kept on saying the same thing over and over when I knew already. Some people will like it, but I don’t. The part I really didn’t understand is how can twins on their birthday go in the middle of the night to a train station in the summer and be in P.J’s when the parents don’t know? How? I don’t understand this book. It is really weird to me. However, there was one thing I did like. I liked the part when Jake finally admits that he and Lily are the same.

02/27/14 @ 21:00
Comment from: Holly [Visitor]

I really loved the way the author portrayed Lilly’s relationships with people. Lily herself isn’t like most girls and that both helps and hurts her interactions with people. It helps with her grandfather (Poppy) because it makes him want to help her. But, it hurts her when it comes to Jake. He stops appreciating her feistiness and refusal to give up on him even when he ditches her for a gang.

03/03/14 @ 20:50
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